Things to Consider When Planning Photo Content for Social Media

Some real quick tips for you today:

• Hire a professesional photog or videographer, and make sure someone from your new media team is there to help coordinate the shoot and ensure you’re getting what you need.

• Consider strategy. If you’re posting daily, plan on taking A LOT of photos while utilizing different scenarios, props and people.

• Keep it real. Adding realistic touches like props and humans (ha!) can aid in giving your photos extra pizazz. If you are using people, make sure you have a diverse group AND outfit changes…I can’t stand when I see the same people in the same outfits on a brand’s feed, it starts to get boring and less engaging.

• Collab. Work with local influencers to add even more diversity to your digital asset collection. Bonus: Often times they have professional photogs at their disposal.

More questions? Send me a note here—one of the services I provide is social media shoot coordination and I LOVE doing it.



Being a Badass Is All Good

My friend LP at @palmerpublic posted this quote today and it got me thinking…


TRUTH! Your customer should always come out as the hero in your story. And if I could add to it, I would say make sure your client never doubts their strengths, and their ability to embolden others with their innate badassery and zest for life (just love that word). ZEST!

Think about all of the revolutionary leaders that are getting mega press right now – if you look at what they’re saying, their social media channels, etc. you’ll notice right away that they aren’t afraid to speak their minds and to no surprise it’s always on the bold side. More of this, please.