Life Update: New Clients in New Cities, Jesus Years, and A New OFFICE (OOFTA!)

Rewind to two months ago on the rooftop of The Row in LA for the Design Week party launch. The skyline is twinkling, the wine is flowing and I’m about one month away from my birthday. I strike up a conversation with who I can now call a new friend, and she asks how I’ll be celebrating this year. My response is simple and rehearsed: “Benihanna because I’ve always loved shitty hibachi, and this isn’t really a milestone birthday or anything so I’m gonna’ keep it low key.” She literally gasps and I’m not sure if I just offended her (perhaps she has a high opinion of Benihanna?). Turns out that’s not why she was taken aback. My new friend goes on to say, “Señorita…did you not know this is your Jesus Year?”

Right then. Well I had no idea what Jesus Year meant at the time, but indeed I do now. Side Note: If  you don’t know what the “Jesus Year” is, I suggest you look into it. It’s more so a lifestyle rather than a religious term (that’s the only hint I’ll give!).

So now fast forward two months and I am living this absolutely lovely JESUS YEAR. YES! I’m welcoming new clients in new cities and signing a lease on a new office space in Little Italy San Diego, with a new team member coming on in the fall.

New Client Details: I’m sooo excited for the launch of my newest client Broadstone on Fifth, opening in downtown Forth Worth this fall. Their hotel-inspired rooftop pool & lounge will have all of DFW trading in their cowboy boots for loafers and Loubs. The property location is just oozing at the seams with character and charm…


New Office Details:

If you’re local to the area my new office digs will be in a chic little loft space above a highly coveted wellness center and medical spa in Little Italy on Kettner. If you’re not local to the area, all you need to know is that it’s beautiful and I’m so lucky/thankful/blessed to have been awarded the title as tenant. I won’t officially be moved in until mid-August but stay tuned for a little party announcement.

That’s all for now. Thanks so much for tuning in! Happy Jesus Year to all, and to all a good nite.

Life Update: Aesthetic is Life

Wishing everyone a lovely and safe-but-not-too-boring Memorial Day Weekend! And after all of the MDW shenanigans are complete, you will want to lay your little head right here…

33310153_610570445984619_552734055880196096_nClient: Broadstone Makers Quarter

But seriously. I am reveling in the construction progress of my client Broadstone Makers Quarter! The lofty urban design is so swoon-worthy. And it’s only going to get better…

The team at BASILE Studio (the masterminds behind San Diego’s Born & Raised, Ironside Fish & Oyster, Bar Kindred, etc.) is onboard for the amenity and community space collection here. Yowza! Stay tuned…


Not Your Average Client Grand Opening (We KILLED It)

Over the past couple months I’ve had the honor of working with my client, VINZ on Fairfax, on their grand opening project that took place in LA April 7-8, 2018. I’m calling it a project because it was beyond any party I’ve ever been to—or even heard about for that matter. My client decided to dedicate their grand opening to a huge cultural statement and experience, and I couldn’t be prouder. They brought the soon-to-be-iconic NERO48 pop-up experience to the United States for the first time and it seemed like all of LA was b-u-z-z-i-n-g about it. I mean, even Thrillist & Los Angeles Times picked it up as “Top Things to Do This Weekend.”

But the best part about this project was all the heart and OOFTA put behind it with the NERO48 at VINZ teams. The idea to have a luxury apartment community colloborating with a pop-up market/experience entirely dedicated to contemporary Mexican design/decor, art, fashion, urban gastronomy/libations , wine, music, etc is just genius. No boring tours of empty units. No stuffy presentations. It was ALL FUN- a party with a purpose that had LA waiting at the door (and yes, they got leases out of it, just in case you’re wondering).

Want to know more about how we did it? Drop me a note.