CJ has a stylish steez for telling any story, whether it’s about a person, place or product. The source of her creativity comes from her love for writing and extensive background in the advertising and fashion industries. Before moving to San Diego, she spent years working side-by-side with some of the industry’s greatest advertising executives and designer fashion houses (think Devil Wears Prada in real life). Since moving to the West Coast, she’s held a senior role at a leading Public Relations agency in San Diego, as well as an in-house position on the marketing team with national luxury retailer PIRCH

CJ migrated to San Diego from the great north, where she earned her degree at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Her northern exposure is probably why she keeps it real cool in any situation. CJ’s focus in college was marketing and advertising, with an emphasis in buying behavior and advertising history. Throughout her college career, she excelled in creative writing and was recognized by UWM’s English Chair for her writing style. She can proudly say she’s a published author in numerous magazines throughout the country.

One of CJ’s biggest peeves is small talk, so she’s notorious for starting conversations by asking, “Tell me about yourself.” You know why? This lady whole-heartedly believes that every person and brand has a story worth listening to. She knows that your brand is your voice; if you don’t speak up, then others will for you. Her carefully curated campaigns have reached “viral status” by being featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, Yahoo! News, Nightline, and the list goes on. And more importantly, her campaigns help you reach your actual goals (although media hits can play a part in that).

One of the most rewarding moments for CJ is when she’s watching her clients shine bright in the spotlight. Her main goal is to utilize her marketing and editorial skills to elevate your brand’s story and to highlight your achievements (no matter how big or small). CJ’s talents will also ensure that you’re always front-and-center with the right audience.

When CJ isn’t hustling, she enjoys leisure travel, talking to her plants and English Bulldog (Jedi), and learning about space and honey bees. She also appreciates good espresso, culinary experiences, true crime crap, books, good style and anything you call art.