Tone Deaf Advertising A.C. (After Covid) & How To Avoid It

Day Whatever: Here I am equipped with my 24/7 neck pillow that I now consider a “Spring 2020 Accessory”, and a micro blog on Tone Deaf Advertising Via Social Media A.C. (After Covid 😣) & How To Avoid It.

It’s a fine line right now…are companies being opportunistic or exploitative?? We were already living in a woke culture and now things are elevated to a Code Red Woke AF Status (that’s the official term for it), so here are some little thought morsels to help you take things on with tact and grace:

•Change your narrative. Duh. Don’t ignore what’s going on…there’s a way to be honest and authentic about the current sitch without sounding like it’s Dooms Day (or the opposite, which would be acting like we won’t need to create a new normal here). This is where some thoughtful wordsmithing comes in to play!

•Pay attention to what your communities are saying. Don’t delete comments, and don’t ignore messages; respond and lead with empathy. Being honest and unscripted with your responses will build trust.

•If you’re going to be promotional, then be helpful too. Odds are if you’re still advertising right now, then that means your business is still “alive”…don’t forget to pay it forward whenever and however you can BECAUSE PEOPLE TAKE NOTE OF THESE THINGS.

•Some simple “pay it forward” ideas for social: Support and feature a different local business every week, host an auction where all proceeds will go to a local non-profit or business in need, or create a good ol’ fashion donation drive for a local healthcare facility (they need wayyy more than masks right now—just make sure to check with the facility for the details on how/what they’re accepting).

•Stay in the loop. Things change daily, so don’t get lazy with updating your advertorial to match the tone…one week with an ill-fitted or outdated message could do some maj damage. Sorry to end on such a heavy note but that’s showbiz baby. 

Have more Qs? Reach out via ‘cuz I’m here for you! 


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