Why People Unfollow You

I should probably preface this short read by declaring that this advice is intended for brand pages – if you’re looking for insight on why people unfollow your personal page, then this is not the article (however I would suggest finding new friends, or filling up your schedule with additional post-worthy moments—get engaged, get a puppy—whichever one is easier). Moving on…

You see the influx in follows, but do you ever venture beyond the statistic? Most unfollows go unnoticed by brand pages and that makes me a little sad. It would be easy to say that they must not be your crowd and to move on, but that would be a rookie mistake. Customer or client engagement is one of the key reasons why brands use social media, so it’s actually very important (duh?) to understand why the people who originally chose to follow you have given you the ixnay.

An “Unfollow Algorithm” survey by Buzzstream lays out the cold, hard stats:

  • 45% of people will unfollow a brand that does too much self-promotion

    Gasp! You mean the “too salesy” rule applies to social media, too? Yes. Build a genuine brand with an alluring content strategy and the sales will follow, I promise. 

  • 34% of people will unfollow a brand that does automated comments and messaging.

    Sorry, bots. 

  • Over 30% of people said they would be “quite likely” to unfollow due to a brand garnering press over poor customer service.

    Two words: #UnitedJourney.

  • 21% of people will unfollow brands if they post repetitive or boring content.

    So don’t be lazy, and find someone with a creative edge to manage your daily content.

And finally, here is a pretty little info graphic on the things that really matter (new content, relevant content, engagement via the brand, and consistent posts).

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 5.08.53 AM.png

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