I’ve Sold My Idea to a Client – Here’s What I Don’t Do Next

Getting the green light from a client is just the beginning of my real creative process. Yes, the idea is born. Yes, it’s golden. But truth be told, the rest of the journey shouldn’t be about execution…and if you ever think that “everything is set,” then you’re doing it totally wrong.

I’ve discovered that this “permission granted” moment is the perfect time to question EVERYTHING.

Questions You Should Ask:
-How can you take it to the next level?
-What doesn’t need to be there?
-Are you passionate about this? (Yes, YOU. Not just the client. Your work will always be better when you’ve got “feels” for the project, too.)

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask: 
-How long is this going to take?
-How much time time do I have?
-How much money is this going to cost?

This ideology applies to ad campaigns, editorials, scripts, and the list goes on. It’s important for creatives to accept that they’ll never be ready, and that every stage in making something is an opportunity to up the ante. (Are you rolling your eyes at the obviousness of this last sentence? Stop. You know you needed a reminder.)

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