A Life Lesson from LEGO®

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of checking out the work of award-winning artist Nathan Sawaya. Sawaya’s “The Art of the Brick” exhibit featuring art made entirely from LEGOs has graced the globe and it’s a MUST SEE. And, as with most art, there are hidden messages within the creative madness…

Before venturing into the art world, Sawaya was a lawyer…and unhappy. For awhile he fought with himself, and his identity, before accepting that his personal conflicts and fears were the only real thing holding him back. Ouch. Unfortunately, this realization is nothing new…many of us have felt some sort of pressure to live what people call a “cookie cutter lifestyle” that often includes a passionless professional path (“The money is there though.” GROSS). The real mind trip is that many of us still think it’s unorthodox, inconvenient, or unattainable to break this mold. nathansawaya1

Sawaya’s pursuit of happiness and transition to finding success while doing something he loves serves as a very crucial message for us all. Piece by piece you will build your own future, and there are no rules – you can break it down and rebuild it as many times as you want.  And you certainly don’t have to follow any instructions. Maybe it’s time to trade in your metaphorical primary yellow bricks for the exotic bright green bricks that you’ve always wanted to use? Note: I’m not encouraging everyone to be Godzilla and completely dismantle their LEGO city (i.e. their life). I’m merely suggesting that we should all be paying attention to the bricks that make us and rediscovering what makes us tick.

The truth is, life is like a box of LEGOs! Every kit gives you an image and instructions of what to build, but in the end the decision on what to create is yours. The fact that Sawaya uses childhood toys as a medium for his art only heightens the message that work and play can (and should) go hand-in-hand.

PS Not buying into the frou frou, happy-go-lucky of it all? STILL GO FOR THE T-REX MADE FROM OVER EIGHTY THOUSAND LEGOs! Raar.



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